How did you come up with that?!

truffletray_hablime We do quite a bit of innovation here—we’re constantly trying new combinations of ingredients and creating new techniques. And you’ve noticed! Many of you have asked us where our inspiration comes from…

Our inspiration comes from many different sources.

Sometimes one of us has a favorite flavor or is curious about something, so we decide to go for it. Or we come across an irresistible ingredient—“oh my, look at this Lime Fresco Sea Salt—what could we do with it??” And the experimenting begins.

An example is the development of our Lime-Habanero Caramel. We found some interesting salts, and the Lime Fresco and Habanero ones really caught our fancy. That made us want to work with our already terrific Caramel recipe to add a lime component to it—so we stocked up on limes and chipotle, and played with the recipe. It didn’t go quite the way we’d planned, but it evolved into something good, then on to a dynamite new caramel flavor.

Our customers bring us great ideas and interesting ingredients, too. “I just happened to pick this big batch of serviceberries, and I was thinking how good they would be in a truffle—here you go!” And there we go.

We also read about chocolate almost as obsessively as we make chocolate, so we learn about what other people are doing or we see something that we want to do Our Way.

Another great avenue of inspiration is the occasional mistake. OH boy, all this experimenting does lead to some things we’d rather not ever see again. But first, before it goes away forever, we think—what could we do to “save” this? We’ve made some great discoveries this way—we’ve learned some fantastic techniques through trial and error that we then take to our other tried and true recipes to make them better.

We love what we do, and we are passionate about making the flavors of each piece of chocolate clear and true. We use natural ingredients and infusions to create our flavors and we are continually making them better with each batch. Every chocolate we make has a story behind it, and many a customer and each of us working in the shop is adding their own ideas and inspiration to what we do.