Here at Arrowhead Chocolates, our employees are at the heart of the shop.  Each individual who spends time working at Arrowhead brings something unique and vibrant to the team, whether they’ve been here for years or are only joining us for a few months.  We enjoy interacting with our customers and hope to share our love and passion for all things coffee and chocolate! Get to know us!

Fire Goddess of Creation


How long with Arrowhead: Since nearly the beginning
Hobbies outside of work: Reading, mixing essential oils, listening to music, concocting new and strange flavors in my kitchen, appreciating art in all of its forms, hiking, traveling, everything and anything equestrian
Go-to Arrowhead Drink: Extra Spicy Cure-All (when I am feeling down.); Double Strength Yerba Mate with Chili and Honey (when I am feeling everything else)

Destroyer of Disorganization


How long with Arrowhead: Since May 2015
Hobbies outside of work: Playing oboe and English horn all the time, making reeds for all the oboe and English horn playing, hiking with my uncle’s dog (and my uncle too!), traveling anywhere and everywhere as often as I can, watching movies and hanging with my awesome husband
Go-to Arrowhead Drink: Krishna Tulsi and Yerba Mate tea blend, with a little vanilla and soy creamer

Duchess of Design


How long with Arrowhead: Since March 2016, with some gaps in the middle!
Hobbies outside of work: Backpacking, running, playing the piano, drawing and painting, cooking for friends, creating fun designs, enjoying quality conversation and listening to Radiohead
Go-to Arrowhead Drink: HOUSE CHAI with extra spice!

Precision Chocolate Rock Star


How long with Arrowhead: Since February 2018
Hobbies outside of work: Playing music, listening to music, drawing, building furniture for my wife
Go-to Arrowhead Drink: House Chai

Dough Puncher


How long with Arrowhead: July 2018
Hobbies outside of work: A lot of drawing, some painting, arts and crafts with my nieces and nephews, watching horror movies, listening to music, reading, crocheting, taking care of my dog and hanging out with my family.
Go-to Arrowhead Drink: Coconut flavored latte with an extra shot of espresso

Banjo Barista


How long with Arrowhead: Just a baby!
Hobbies outside of work: Climbing and learning banjo.
Go-to Arrowhead Drink: Herbal teas.

Mold-Painting Master


Sorceress in Training


Maestra di scatole (Master of Boxes!)


How long with Arrowhead: September 2018
Hobbies outside of work: Parenting and (hopefully) inspiring my children, bringing snacks on the family outdoor adventures planned by my husband, libraries, making pies, gardening and eating the produce of my garden, traveling, languages, reading (mostly biographies, history, and theology, and children’s fiction), camping, hiking, crocheting, sewing, aliens, food from all corners of the globe, and exploring our new home in Wallowa County with my 3 favorite people on earth!
Go-to Arrowhead Drink: Rose petal black hot tea, or a wet cappuccino on days when I am nostalgic for Italy.

In Memory

Mold Maker Extraordinaire

Linda M Hilderman (1942-2018)

How long with Arrowhead: Since the Dawn of Arrowhead
Hobbies outside of work: Traveling, Indy (the world’s most interesting Poodle), horses, gardening, spending time with kids and having great food
Go-to Arrowhead Drink: Caramel Latte